About Agni Chakra

About Us

Agni Chakra was founded by a web designer in year 2002.
On 27 October 2004 Agni Chakra (UK) Ltd was incorporated in London, UK.

Agni Chakra consist of well experienced and creative people of the industry to undertake any kind of creative works.
We cater for small, medium and large corporations.

Agni Chakra's exponential growth is evident through its increasing clientelle and revenue. It is now succesfully operating from its offices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and London, UK.


1. Ramesh Balakrishnan

Academic Qualifications :
BA (Hons) International Business Administration from University Of Northumbria at New Castle, UK
WEBMASTER  -  World Wide Web Institute, Geneva, Switzerland

Work Experience:
Ramesh is an experienced web / graphic designer with more than 9 years of experince in the Creative Industry.
Ramesh first started his career as a web and graphic designer with NTV 7. He was involved in designing and maintaining the company’s website, designing TV advertisements and designing graphics for daily news (Plasma Screen).

After which he worked for Rhema International Sdn Bhd as a web designer before leaving for the UK in Oct. 2003 for 2 years .

In the UK, Ramesh worked on numerous projects under Agni Chakra (UK) Limited. He is  also a director of the company.

Ramesh is the founder and creative director of Agni Chakra Creations (Malaysia). He personally carries out most of the creative jobs of Agni Chakra from direct execution of creative concepts through to completion of projects.

2. Nor Khairi Satrunash B Omar

Academic Qualifications:
Diploma In Mechanical Engineering

Nor Khairi is a former Royal Military College student. He has 10 years of experience in the Engineeering field particularly Mechanical, Civil and Computer Engineering.

He is involved in Business Development - securing and managing (Project Management) Agni Chakra’s Creative Projects .

Nor Khairi is the Project Director and overlooks the Business Development of Agni Chakra Creations.